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Church Engraving







(and stones)

Two of our parish's churches
are in urgent need of repair
to their steeples.
Please download a flyer
to read about the situation,
to their restoration.

What does the food pantry need?
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Click here each week to find out what we're low on.
Members of the community need our help!


St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church in downtown Detroit, Michigan, is a diverse community called to witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We welcome all to worship God with us in our historic German Gothic church. Come visit us, and experience traditional worship in magnificent surroundings.

St. Joseph's is now part of the merged parish of Mother of Divine Mercy, which also includes Sweetest Heart of Mary, and St. Josaphat, under the administration of Fr. Grzegorz Tokarski.

St. Joseph's is still open, and according to the Archdiocese of Detroit, there is no plan to close any of the three churches.
Mass is still being held at all of them.

New Music Schedule
Winter/Spring 2016
For details on music at the Masses this spring, click here.

Mass Schedule

Wednesdays 12:10
Sundays 12:00 noon

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